Fancy trying out a McCormick tractor on demonstration?

We currently have in stock a McCormick X7.660 Tractor and a McCormick X6.420 Tractor that are both available for hire.  We will also soon be taking stock of a new McCormick X7 VT Drive too, so keep an eye on our latest news section for more details.

The X7.660 tractor is powered by the new 6.7-litre ‘Betapower Fuel Efficiency’ 24-valve, six-cylinder turbo engines with Common Rail injection system.  The X7.6 inherits from its predecessors the rugged cast iron chassis which supports the engine, helping to effectively reduce noise and vibration levels within the cab.

The X6.420 tractor powered by the BETAPOWER 4.5L, 4-cylinder turbo engines with four valves per cylinder and common rail injection system that deliver maximum outputs of 121hp. The optimised electronic fuel injection and the enhanced combustion efficiency, combined with the SCR system, allow these engines to deliver exceptional power and torque backup, while reducing fuel consumption.

Why not get in touch with us today and try one of these exceptional tractors on demonstration and see for yourself just how good they are?